Mad 4 Marketing Adventure Team Challenge

The traffic line into South Florida’s Oleta River State Park was unusually long on December 6th, a crisp Saturday morning in North Miami.  The crowd was not the typical trail blazing, mountain biking, rigorous paddlers that usually attend the park on the weekends. On this day the adventure seekers were the local advertising professionals from […]

Have an Eco-Fabulous Holiday Season this Year!

Ok, ok, it’s the holiday season and it would be easy to excuse wasted paper for that reason only, but why not consider the environment and go paperless this season by sending holiday E-cards to your friends and loved ones. Not only are they green but they are free as well! And what’s more, they […]

Safari Sisters do it for the Kids!

It was an early start, and a time almost unknown to them, but the Baptist Health account team; Amy, Amanda, Jennifer and Abi awoke at 4am on Saturday November 15th for the grand opening of the Baptist Medical Plaza at Country Walk, an event they had been gearing up to for months. This was no […]

Mad Hatter Adventures in Adland

The Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland was undoubtedly inspired by the phrase as mad as a hatter so we thought it fitting for the phrase to inspire our Mad 4 Marketing holiday party. After all, if you know us, you’ll know that it’s very appropriate. As it turned out, planning the Mad […]

Trimming your Advertising Budget in Tough Economic Times

Business is slowing down, the cost of doing business is rising, and hard economic times are on the horizon … for everyone. The smart thing to do is to cut expenses. Advertising budgets are often one of the first areas to feel the squeeze, but how will that affect business? Well, print advertising, that won’t […]

Interactive Marketing Trend: Web Videos on the Rise

Web videos are spreading across the internet like wildfire…YouTube, webinars, webisodes, NBC even spent a bundle to broadcast the Olympics on the internet. It’s no wonder why web videos are growing so quickly – they provide entertainment (or teach you something), eliminate the need to read on the internet, and are available at the click […]