Search Engine Optimization 101

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of obtaining natural search engine rankings to drive visitors to your website. There are several important factors that search engines such as Google and Yahoo take into consideration when deciding which websites to display at the top of search engine queries: • Inbound Links are the single most important […]

Exploitive Marketing in a Tough Economy

The January 5th, 2009 cover of the New Yorker magazine humorously illustrates the dilemma of practicing positive and enlightened marketing during times of economic crisis, when the obvious temptation is to pander to the fears of clients and their customers. We’ve seen the “Recession Sale!” and the “Bailout Prices” and other exploitive triggers used by […]

Beware of Information Overload on Your Homepage!

Many companies put entirely too much information on their homepage because they have heard that it is good for Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately, it is not only a bad SEO practice, but it also scares away any visitors that reach their website. People go to the web looking for easy access, speedy and to-the-point information.  […]