Super Bowl XLIII Commercials

While buying commercials during major televised events isn’t exactly modern advertising, the annual post-Super Bowl commercial run-down is still where advertisers look to gauge current consumer responsiveness. Despite the most fastidious analyses of emerging trends, it’s the act of holding a time-honored tradition against itself for comparison that reveals the most about the state of […]

Market strategically during tough times

Studies have proven during difficult economic times, those companies who maintain their advertising presence will come out on top in their category when the economy lifts. However, being top-of-mind does not have to equate to multi-million dollar marketing budgets. Think strategic marketing tactics. Utilizing a grassroots marketing approach and seeking community outreach tactics, can be […]

Labor and Love

It’s that time of year again, when chocolate and wine sales hit the roof and all spare shelves and counter tops of the Mad 4 Marketing agency are adorned with various love-related decorations and trinkets. Since there is no getting away from love hearts in shop windows and the multiple commercials for red roses that […]

So Over Exclamations

Despite slowly developing a reputation around the office for being a punctuation snob, I decided to continue with this blog about exclamations marks – specifically their overuse within advertising. If I receive an email and the subject line says, Read This!!!! I’m certainly NOT going to read it, no matter who or what company sent […]