Building Blocks of Public Relations

Last week we talked about the differences between advertising and public relations. But do you know how the elements of public relations come together to create a successful PR campaign? According to Apryl Duncan,’s advertising specialist, there are five key public relations components which marketing agents or business owners can use to kick off […]

Advertising vs. Public Relations

It’s easy for laypersons to confuse the world of advertising with the world of public relations. Both are geared toward promoting and representing clients for the consumption of the public. And both are tools which a marketing agency like Mad4Marketing employs as part of an all-encompassing approach to selling a person, business or brand. There […]

Blog Your Way to Web Success

It’s pretty clear that we feel confident of the many benefits of blogging here at Mad4Marketing, which is why you’re reading our blog about marketing right now! Creating a blog on your website is a valuable way to gain readership, increase traffic and improve your search ranking. At Mad4Marketing we create SEO-strong blogs for our […]

Improving Call to Action on Your Website

Whether it’s the primary purpose or just an opportunistic afterthought, virtually every website you open is selling something to somebody (or trying to). How successful the solicitation pretty much comes down to one factor: the website’s call to action. If you can enhance your website’s call to action to its maximum efficiency, you’re going to […]

Advice You Can’t Put a Price On

What happens when the rules of marketing get thrown out the window, and creative minds go in a new direction? What if instead of buying media and selling a client’s products, marketing agencies say: ‘Let’s just give away the goods for free!’ Sounds implausible, right? Well, it just so happens to be the newest craze […]