Google now offers behaviorally targeted advertising

As we’re all aware, typing a keyword into Google not only displays the most relevant information in the organic search, it also displays the most relevant ads targeted towards those keywords.  We are so accustomed to getting exactly what we are seeking on the internet, thanks to Google.

Now Google is making online advertising even more targeted by using information from the web sites people visit.  They have launched something called “interest-based” advertising on their partner sites and on YouTube.  These ads are displayed based on categories of interest.  For example, if you visit web sites about fishing or hunting, then you may see ads displayed for fishing poles or hunting equipment.  Google also allows you to choose your categories of interest, or you can tell them which categories in which you do not want to see ads.  This helps advertisers reach people who are actively interested in their products or services.

This type of customized advertising does bring up the question, “Is big brother watching us?”  Some users first reaction includes a feeling of invasion of privacy.  However, Google provides three explanations that demonstrate their commitment to transparency and user choice:

  • Transparency – Ads are clearly labeled that they are provided by Google.
  • Choice – They built a tool called Ads Preferences Manager, which lets the user view, delete or add interest categories associated with the user’s browser.
  • Control – Users can always opt out of the advertising cookie.

At Mad 4 Marketing, we feel this will be a successful new tool for users and advertisers alike.  It will enable users to view more relevant ads, which will help generate higher ROI for advertisers.

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