Make your brand come to life with Twitter

Many companies are taking advantage of the ever popular and free of charge social media mountain known as Twitter.  Although Twitter is not exactly the Mount Everest known as Facebook, it is approaching Appalachian heights with its ecosystem of microblogging.

So what is Twitter?  People sign up for an account, obtain followers and create a network of Twitterers to follow.  On the web site, Twitter asks, “What are you doing?”  In response someone will “tweet” a message and all of their followers automatically receive it on their computers or cell phones. These followers can forward or “retweet” the message to their followers.  Thus creating a viral message in the matter of minutes.

Average users can post links to news articles, updates to their everyday life or recommend or bash a brand name.  In the case of companies, they can post ¬special offers or fares, recipes, news updates, public and media relations articles, polls, customer service advice… the list goes on. Among some of the most popular brands using Twitter frequently are Comcast, Southwest Airlines, Popeyes Chicken, the NBA and all major media companies (FOX, CNN, ESPN, etc.).

This social media tool allows companies to engage with their customers directly and makes their brand appear more human.  This type of communication engages customers, which helps to encourage brand loyalty.  If a user complains about a particular brand, a ‘brand evangelist’ can immediately respond with advice or an apology from the company.

So what are you waiting for?  Ask Mad 4 Marketing about some Twitter-worthy ideas and messages that can elevate your brand above the rest.

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