Engage Your Marketing Database with a Digital Monthly Newsletter

A digital monthly newsletter is a superb way to connect with clients, colleagues and customers. Newsletters serve three main purposes:

1)    They’re a great way to stay in contact with your clients and subscribers.

Get the most of your mailing lists by creating a regularly syndicated newsletter rich with engaging content. Experts suggest releasing your newsletter on a regular date so that readers are able to anticipate its release. You can reach out more then once per month, but newsletters should come no more than once per week. This will keep your name on clients’ minds without overwhelming their inboxes. It’s also best to cover fewer than five topics per newsletter. This will invite them to read through each article; lengthier chunks of text can be intimidating. Printed newsletters may have the luxury of in-depth articles, but in the digital age, attention spans are as short as winter in South Florida; so keep it brief and interesting.

2)    They allow you to track the responsiveness of readers through links and interactive elements.

Unlike static 2-D newsletters of the past, today’s digital newsletters (such as e-mail newsletters or website newsletters) aren’t just one-way windows into your company. The best use for your newsletter is to provide interactive elements, which serve two important functions. First of all, they’re just plain fun. Readers will feel more connected to and engaged with your content if they’re able to participate in features such as polls, surveys and contests. This means that they will look forward to seeing your newsletter in their inbox each time it pops up, providing direct responses to their votes and opinions. Interactive elements also allow you to track what’s important to your readers by seeing which elements interest them and where they’re eager to jump in and comment or participate. Knowing what engages your subscribers is an invaluable asset for sustaining continued relationships with prior contacts and for marketing to new business.

3)    They allow your company to engage subscribers on a regular basis, which familiarizes them with your name and services while providing you access to their thoughts and feedback.

In every issue of your newsletter, provide your mailing list subscribers with the option to send in questions or leave feedback. This will help you tune in to what they’d like to see from you, and it lets them know that you’re willing to listen and respond to their needs. Invest the time creating valuable, enticing content which addresses these specified interests and you’ll be able to stay in the periphery of prospective business in a mutually beneficial and communicative way. Even when clients don’t currently need your services, your name and availability will stay fresh on their mind for when they need you again.

With these tips and goals in mind, you’re all set to begin drafting your company’s newsletter. Have any other questions about the process? Do you need help building your first newsletter (or a newsletter template)? Mad 4 Marketing’s specialists will be happy to help you develop a successful newsletter marketing strategy for your business.

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