Mobile Marketing: Stay Connected with Your Consumers

In 2008, Mad 4 Marketing began a mobile marketing campaign for Satori, an eco-friendly apartment rental community developed by Altman Management Company. Audiences were asked to opt in to the Satori mobile service by texting “Satori” to 34343; this initiative was advertised traditionally through regional newspaper ads, street-side signage and flyers handed out at Fort Lauderdale events. Once participants were linked to the Satori mobile system, they were able to get directions to the leasing center, learn about early leasing initiatives and receive texts about special promotions and updates. They were also automatically entered to win six months’ free rent. Through mobile marketing, Mad 4 Marketing enabled Altman Management Company to stay connected with prospective tenants.

This is just one example of how mobile marketing can be integrated into a larger marketing schematic. As most agencies will agree, mobile marketing is the future of marketing because clients are able to reach out to their audience anywhere and anytime, invoking direct responsiveness for their efforts. Enticing viewers to reply immediately is the major draw for mobile marketing—this is especially fundamental in an economy that wants to see immediate, profitable results. Mobile marketing not only allows the audience to engage and immediately respond to solicitations (while they’re already connected, with phone in hand), it also allows clients to track participation and measure interest from various publics. Rather than a billboard or banner ad reaching as many eyes as possible, the point of mobile marketing is to utilize one private screen to capture one pair of eyes, to see what they look at and how they respond—individually and traceably.

Unlike web marketing, mobile marketing isn’t about brand awareness, it’s about accessibility. Many web ads are simply meant to familiarize viewers with brands, services and logos—which is why CPM (measurable impressions) are key. Contrarily, mobile campaigns are considered wasteful if they don’t prompt an immediate click, call or text response; mobile marketing is all about an effective call to action. This means that an impression isn’t just an impression—it’s one step toward a relationship with a future customer. Even once his or her attention turns elsewhere, that one-time exchange of information is a green light for further interactions and conversations down the line. It’s not just one-way marketing; it’s networking.

In the future, more people are expected to own fully interactive phones with enhanced features and heightened capacities—so the potential for mobile marketing is only expected to climb. Don’t miss this lucrative bandwagon; Mad 4 Marketing’s experienced mobile marketing team will help you learn how that ubiquitous little handheld can connect you with consumers and bring your business big-time results.

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