What is the Secret to Success in New Business?

If I had all the answers, I would be a very wealthy woman.  But I do have a few tips that have helped me over the years. They may not be foolproof, but coming from a New Business background at many ad agencies, I feel they can dramatically increase your chances of gaining new business and helping your company grow.

First of all, many advertising agencies fail to treat themselves like a client. We always put our clients first, as we should, but we often neglect our own marketing and self-promotion in the process. We are very good at preaching to our clients that marketing and advertising should never be put on the back burner but we are just as guilty of doing it ourselves.

Secondly, RELATIONSHIPS are key.  If you think about job hunting, an all too familiar scenario in today’s tough economy, most people find their next position by networking or though a connection they made in the past.  Yes, everyone who job hunts constantly checks the job boards and career websites for new postings, but how many people do you know who landed their career by responding blindly to a job posting?  I can’t name one person, but I can name more than a handful who are happily employed because they were willing to network at various groups and events, constantly building relationships and contacts.

Once the agency has successfully networked and managed to effectively market themselves, next comes the first meeting with the prospective client. At this crucial stage, a time for first impressions, many agencies tend to take the “let me tell you about us and why we are so great,” angle. Realistically, do you think this prospective client wants to listen to you proclaim your greatness?  Instead, make the meeting all about them. Ask questions about their businesses. Take an interest in their success. I’m sure you will have done your research prior to meeting so use this opportunity to learn more and ask insightful questions.

Finally don’t be scared to ask for their business.  As the saying goes, ‘if you never ask you will never know.’

At Mad 4 Marketing we work everyday to incorporate these very same ideas into our own New Business Plan so if I didn’t ask I wouldn’t know:  How can we help you with your advertising and marketing?

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