Unconventional Marketing for Unconventional Times

Think it’s time to cut back your budget for marketing? Think again. In a tough economy, it’s more important than ever to strategically market your business. Across the nation, large and small businesses are looking for ways to trim unnecessary expenditures from their budget. For many, this might mean erroneously reducing or eliminating marketing budgets. […]

Mobile Healthcare Websites

Picture the bright ambiance of a hospital waiting room.  There are a handful of individuals seated awaiting the low pitched call of a nurse into the doctor’s sterile office.  Most of the patients look toward their cell phones, some making wistful swipes with their fingers while others type feverishly.  They share a common goal.  Finding […]

Mobile Marketing is Here to Stay

Smart, sleek, compact, and inventive. No, we’re not describing the brand new Porsche Roadster. These words illustrate a new advertising medium: hospital mobile marketing.  Cell phones are an extension of human existence, like the high rise buildings, Tivo, and the computer.  They are personal assistants that fit in the palm of your hand with access […]

Do restaurants risk losing adults while reaching for kids?

The following is an editorial blog by Stuart Dornfield. All comments and opposing views are welcome. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that restaurants in an attempt to get more families to dine out are “scrambling to counter a tendency by recession-pinched parents to leave their children at home when they go out to eat.”  […]

Another Milestone in Mobile Marketing

If anyone still has doubts about the emergence of mobile marketing, it’s probably only because they don’t yet own an iPhone, the most advanced and efficient handheld web browser on the market today. The latest application for the iPhone is a feature which allows users to deposit their paper checks to the bank without visiting […]