Advertising in the Procurement Age

Mad 4 Marketing, like all agencies today, is evolving its RFP processes to successfully communicate with Procurement departments in addition to the marketing and advertising executives we’ve traditionally worked with. The recessive economy has forced companies to try and do more with less. That creates a cost driven emphasis that creates concern. The core question […]

Seasonal Advertising: Pros & Cons

Every year, businesses put aside a heft of their marketing budget for “in-season” advertising. In Florida, the peak tourist season spans from approximately December to March, when snowbirds head south for winter. Consumerism increases, and companies reach out to the influx of eyes and ears (and wallets) with targeted seasonal advertising. And that’s a great […]

4 Quick Tips for Launching a Grassroots Marketing Campaign

In today’s economy, traditional mass media advertising (newspapers, TV, radio) may not be within your budget. A grassroots approach—using alternative media and promotional tactics—is the perfect way to make a big impact with your campaign. The grassroots approach might even be the most strategic way to get your business noticed, because it largely relies on […]

Relationship Marketing: How to Succeed by Nurturing Existing Client Connections

When times are hard and budgets tighten, the first thing most businesses think to do is pursue new clientele. But don’t be surprised if marketing agencies remind you to redirect some resources toward client retention, rather than client acquisition. Putting aside part of your budget to nurture existing client affiliations is a trustworthy investment in […]

Get the Most from Your Marketing: Team Up

One way to make your marketing go a long way is to partner up with a complementary business to create a mutually beneficial campaign. Recently, Mad 4 Marketing was invited to participate in a series of seminars hosted at Regent Bank sites throughout South Florida. By participating in these seminars, Mad 4 Marketing was able […]