Get the Most from Your Marketing: Team Up

One way to make your marketing go a long way is to partner up with a complementary business to create a mutually beneficial campaign. Recently, Mad 4 Marketing was invited to participate in a series of seminars hosted at Regent Bank sites throughout South Florida. By participating in these seminars, Mad 4 Marketing was able to advertise its expertise through Regent Bank’s promotional efforts, while Regent Bank was able to provide industry-specific guidance to their customers. This situation created a harmonious opportunity for both businesses, allowing Mad 4 Marketing and Regent Bank to get the most out of their combined advertising efforts.

Regent Bank developed this seminar platform as a way to provide a valuable service to their current client base, while attracting attention from prospective bank customers. This valuable marketing strategy was a way to welcome a broad audience to their local bank sites, where they would be able to connect with bank employees and learn about the bank’s new promotions. Topics included:

•    Top Tips is Today’s Economy for Condo Boards and Property Managers
•    Navigating the Changes in Small Business Administration Loans
•    Is Your Networking Strategy Working For You?
•    Unconventional Marketing Methods for Unconventional Times

Mad 4 Marketing benefited from this opportunity because it allowed the company to reach out to Regent Bank’s diverse customer base from a standpoint of industry leadership. Introduced as a knowledgeable and trusted resource to the bank, Mad 4 Marketing was put in a very strategic position to generate new contacts and represent the company. Mad 4 Marketing was also able to invite their own regional contacts in Boca Raton and Davie, Florida, to hear Chris Madsen, Amy Chattin and Tiffany Tobol share their marketing insight. Chris Madsen, President of Mad 4 Marketing, spoke about creating 360 degree campaigns. Amy Chattin, Director of Client Services, introduced the merits of non-traditional marketing techniques. Tiffany Tobol, Director of Interactive Marketing, addressed interactive marketing strategies for small businesses.

And of course, those who attended these seminars benefited from the chance to hear experienced professionals provide guidance on a number of relevant topics, at no cost to them. Seminars were held either before or after work hours, and light refreshments were served. All seminars offered attendees the chance to network and make connections with the bank, seminar presenters and each other.

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