Bridging the Gap Between Print & Web Marketing

One important aspect of marketing is to constantly evolve and stay ahead of the curve. This includes staying on the cutting edge of technology. In the past few decades, there has been a dramatic shift from traditional print marketing to online marketing. Over the years, there has been an increasing gap between these two formats. And this means that money is wasted by companies launching dual advertising campaigns while trying to cover both bases in terms of distribution and audience engagement. But one company noted this discrepancy and took action to fill the void: USB Insert™

USB Insert™ is a revolutionary marketing solution that seamlessly merges print advertising with the online experience. This option connects your corporeal audience to any abstract content on the World Wide Web. For example, USB Insert™ is suggested as a trade show hand-out or magazine insert. Because it’s small and discreet, it’s easy to pass out and share with others. Once USB Insert™ is plugged into any computer, the user is immediately and automatically directed to your company’s website, online catalog or interactive experience. Your redirect link and the content involved are entirely up to you.

This also frees up the focus of your ads. Your hand-out or brochure can focus on key messaging and enticing creative, saving in-depth explanations for online. And it’s much more traceable than print media, with user tracking capabilities built into the USB card. Because your content is already based online, no memory or storage space is necessary.

How Can It Help My Business?

First and foremost, bridging the gap between print marketing and web marketing reduces your marketing expenses. Rather than do everything in duplicate, you can use one format to cover all of your bases, without expecting your print readers to memorize your URL. At the same time, it’s an exciting way to stand out from the crowd. A simple mailbox flier or event hand-out suddenly earns a second look. Your customer can easily pop out the USB card and plug it in at home or the office. It’s quick, convenient and easy to use.

USB Inserts™ not only pique the curiosity of those who receive them, but also make your giveaways or brochures more interactive. This heightened level of engagement transfers to the user’s online experience. By grabbing and keeping your customer’s attention, this option makes your unique brand message instantly memorable.

Naturally, USB Insert™ marketing is ideal for anyone targeting the coveted tech-savvy youth crowd. It’s also smart for techno-savvy businesses, such as hospitals and colleges. By consolidating your ads, USB Insert™ effectively reduces paper waste and contributes to environmentalism; so it suits businesses with a strong eco-friendly slant.

USB Insert™ is just one outside-of-the-box example of how Mad 4 Marketing uses emerging and nontraditional formats to benefit your business. By staying in touch with digital and interactive developments, Mad 4 Marketing is able to offer clients advertising options that put them ahead of the pack.

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