Marketing to Women – Fast Facts

Marketing to Women – Fast Facts

For the past few weeks, we have been talking about how to adjust your advertising tactics to specifically target the female market. To provide a lighter, broader overview, here are some fun facts, interesting quotes and extra tips we have collected:

Quick Quotes

–  “When it comes to big purchases, the conversations have been primarily directed toward men. The theory seemed to be that the hunters decided what to get and the gatherers went out and got it.”
–  “Many companies make the mistake of thinking they need to create a separate brand to reach women, one that is softer and more accessible. And let’s be honest, they’re also afraid that feminizing the core brand will alienate the guys.”
–  “Women are great at detecting inconsistencies. If your marketing message doesn’t match up with your product performance and your retail experience, you’ve lost her trust and she’ll go somewhere else.”
–  “Women are suckers for quality and, more importantly, when they find it they’re willing to pay for it.”

Five Fun Facts

–  Women buy 50% of all automobiles sold, and play a role in influencing the purchase of 30% more.
–  61% of women have eaten peanut butter straight from the jar, says Glamour.
–  40% of households with assets of more that $600,000 are headed by women.
–  Teen girls are twice as likely as teen boys to actively follow fashion blogs (34% vs. 19%).
–  69% of women over 18 wear lipstick, reports L’Oreal Paris.

Marketing to Women for Healthcare Services

–  Women prefer campaigns for total wellness with lifestyle messaging, as opposed to ads boasting products, solutions or services.
–  Women may respond to healthcare ads with links to real causes in the community.

Marketing to Women for Travel and Lodging

–  Women make 75% of all travel decisions.
–  Women make the safety of their destination and accommodations a priority.
–  Women are wooed by ads promoting art, ambience, architecture and atmosphere.
–  Women are more likely than men to seek out all-inclusive vacations.

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