The Future of Newspaper Advertising: Part 2

Last week we talked about the demise of the newspaper industry as predicted by a “futurist” in Australia and commented on by Adweek contributor Jeff Mascott. So now we’re sure you’re wondering: What does this mean in terms of marketing, moving forward? Well, no matter how fast it seems time’s a-tickin’ by these days, especially […]

The Future of Newspaper Advertising: Part 1

What’s black and white and read…well, very rarely these days? Oh wait, that’s not a joke. It’s a scary and stark reality for a massive, historic, global industry. This week, Adweek contributor Jeff Mascott covered the demise of the worldwide newspaper trade predicted by Ross Dawson, an Australian citizen who calls himself a “futurist” and […]

Advertising on Twitter: Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts

Earlier this year, we talked about Twitter launching a new way to advertise through Promoted Tweets. This system, which went into effect in April, placed individual posts in your stream according to searches that you plugged in, as well as your individual interests. Advertisers were able to suggest their tweets to readers who were logged […]

Trendy Giving Ideas: Charity and e-Philanthropy

It is always nice to receive a thoughtful present, especially things we would never buy for ourselves or items that can be put to practical use. But there is a kind of gift that is not only rewarding to receive, but also rewarding to give. This year, a lot of companies are donating to charity […]