2011 Trend: Edvertorial in Social Media

Leave it to the fashion crowd to stay on the cutting-edge of social media marketing—and making up new words to help them sound especially superlative and chic. This past month, Women’s Wear Daily featured an article about the upcoming expansion of the “edvertorial.” Unlike an advertorial, which is an ad that’s framed to look like […]

Pop-Ups Keep Popping Up

Retailers are increasingly taking great advantage of the phenomenon known as the pop-up shop. Much like traveling carnivals of yore, these easy-come-easy-go businesses make a fast buck by setting up in a temporary location with a limited amount of wares and testing the water so see how the area responds to their presence—and how much […]

Seizing the MyCast Movement: Part 2

Last week we talked about the onset of the MyCast movement, which trendcaster Marian Salzman predicts will continue to flood and change the realm of social media. MyCasting–which loosely refers to an individual independently publishing on the Web (forum posts, comments, tweets, blogs or so forth)–stands poised to compete with credible outlets, newscasts, expert analysis […]

Seizing the MyCast Movement: Part 1

Here’s a good buzzword to add to your 2011 vocab: MyCasting. Professional trendcaster and futurist Marian Salzman uses the phrase to refer to an individual utilizing social media and the vast reach of the Internet to publish and promote his or her thoughts to the world, unsolicited. That’s any media posted online by non-professionals–any statement, […]

New Year’s Resolutions from Mad 4 Marketing

First and foremost, Happy New Year! It’s officially 2011, time for fresh starts and resolutions to meet all-new goals. As a small business that managed to thrive in last year’s continuously challenging economy, we like to think that a positive mindset and good attitude are essential–and that with these two things in place, a person […]