New Year’s Resolutions from Mad 4 Marketing

First and foremost, Happy New Year! It’s officially 2011, time for fresh starts and resolutions to meet all-new goals. As a small business that managed to thrive in last year’s continuously challenging economy, we like to think that a positive mindset and good attitude are essential–and that with these two things in place, a person (or company!) can accomplish limitless achievements.

With that in mind, here are some of the marketing and personal resolutions shared by for those of us at Mad 4 Marketing:

Chris Madsen, Founder/CEO:

  • Marketing Resolution: Use social media to network–but don’t forget the importance of in-person contact.
  • Personal Resolution: “Find balance.”

Elyse Taylor, Vice President:

  • Marketing Resolution: Really make use of those Linked In connections. Stay in touch!
  • Personal Resolution: “Spend enough time at home so I don’t have to re-introduce myself to my cats every day.”

Jennifer Stillson, Account Manager:

  • Marketing Resolution: Attend more networking events!
  • Personal Resolution: “Find time to start exercising regularly.”

Chelimar Miranda, Account Manager:

  • Marketing Resolution: Get on Twitter; if you’re already on it, then really make use of it and tweet regularly.
  • Personal Resolution: “Eat more fresh fruits & vegetables.”

Sylvain Eudes, Graphic Artist:

  • Marketing Resolution: Learn HTML 5.
  • Personal Resolution: “Be more awesome.”

Debbie Strong, Human Resources:

  • Marketing Resolution: Be kind and pay attention to everyone you meet in business; you never know when you’ll bump into them or work with them down the line.
  • Personal Resolution: “When we tend to feel sorry about ourselves, always know that there is someone worse off & less fortunate.”

We sincerely wish you the best in achieving–or surpassing–all of your aspirations in 2011.

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