4 Fast Tips for Point-of-Sale

Last week, we talked about the importance of point-of-sale marketing. And now you’re probably just wondering what’s next. So this week, we put together a list of top tricks you can incorporate to make the most of your POS. 1. Take advantage of the chance to learn more about your customers. While you’re ringing them […]

Importance of Point of Sale Advertising

“Simply stated, point of purchase is where the action is.” – RJ Reynolds Tobacco It’s only fitting that this strong marketing quote comes from tobacco powerbrand RJ Reynolds. Tobacco companies are currently under the gun about point of sale (POS — also known as point of purchase or POP) advertising to children, which is not […]

The Art of Cold Calling – Part 2

Last week, we talked about the role and relevance of cold calling in the modern marketing world. Whether you’re attempting to simply establish a new business contact, make an immediate sale or get your foot in the door to form a long-term relationship, cold calling is a mode of communication that can still play a […]

The Art of Cold Calling – Part 1

In an age of mobile apps, social networking and 3-D, a technique like cold calling may seem like a nearly extinct residual from the dinosaur age of advertising. But the truth of the matter is that cold calling is simply a lost art—and it still has a valuable role in today’s marketing world. Here are […]