Common Catchphrases in Marketing

It’s a long-held joke that when a realtor is telling you that a house you’re about to view is “quaint and charming” it really means you’re about to see a space way smaller than the one you’re dreaming about. When they talk about how it’s “affordable” you might be wondering if it’s even within your […]

Calls to Action with Multimedia Marketing

At Mad 4 Marketing, we’ve always been strong proponents of the 360-degree campaign. This means approaching your target audience from all angles to create a balanced, interwoven appeal. For example, you might want to have a strong website launching at the same time you put up local billboards and take out a well-placed radio ad. […]

Seasonal Marketing: Fall and Winter Holidays

Labor Day just passed, which means we’re about to tumble through the holidays and wind down the remaining months of 2011. And although you may not be picking out place settings for your Thanksgiving dinner just yet, it’s impossible to ignore these upcoming occasions – especially since retailers are only too happy to move their […]

Blogging Tips: Screening Comments

When managing a blog, whether it’s independently operated or hosted on your company’s website, one of the responsibilities is handling the comments that visitors leave. As a casual blog reader, you probably didn’t think too much about the behind-the-scenes process when you browsed comments or left your own. But when it comes time for you […]