Personalization and Transparency – Part 2

Last week, we discussed Personalization within the framework of your business. Today, we’re identifying ways to personalize your services for customers/clients. This means treating those you’re contacting as if they’re your only audience (not one of a large group) while showing them that you appreciate their business – even if they haven’t elected to use […]

Personalization and Transparency – Part 1

When you’re promoting yourself or your business, there are certain rules by which you have to abide. You need to offer personalized services and transparent data in order to stand out. But those are just the umbrella topics; by themselves, they may just seem like jargon. In the coming three weeks, Mad 4 Marketing aims […]

Three Eco-Friendly Ways to Market Yourself

Just by making an effort to be environmentally friendly, your business may make itself seem even more appealing to prospective clients and customers. You may not be able to totally revamp the way your organization operates, but even a little goes a long way. To get a leg above your eco-inconsiderate competitors, you should start […]

RIP Steve Jobs: Marketing Visionary

Although Steve Jobs, Apple’s iconic CEO from 1997-2011, was mostly known for his exemplary inventions and developments at the forefront of computer technology, his contributions to the marketing landscape can’t be overlooked. With a firm emphasis on user engagement and sleek design, Jobs left no stone unturned when it came to thinking about every product’s […]

Marketing Plans: Getting Started

Before you’re ready to start marketing your business, you need a plan. Marketing plans don’t require you to have formal knowledge of marketing (that’s where the pros come in), but they help you assess your needs prior to working with an agency. They help you focus on short- and long-term goals, and they provide a […]