Q&A: All About QR Codes – Part 2

Last week we introduced you to “quick response” codes and how they can be used to help you engage audiences and measure the effectiveness of your ads. In today’s follow-up, we answer three more in-depth questions about the benefits of QR codes.

1. How popular are QR codes in today’s crowded marketing world?

Although QR codes are growing in popularity, they’re not a very prominent means of advertising – yet. This can actually be a good thing for your company, since using this technology can help you stand out from your competition. Although not everyone knows how the codes work or will have the correct phones to sync up with your quick response marketing, they may still associate your brand with cutting-edge developments. One way to make the most of using QR codes is to couple them with traditional creative so that everyone can make the most of the information and art that’s associated with your campaign.

2. How do I generate a unique code?

There are several routes for purchasing a new, independent code. You can program your information once you determine what type works for your needs (locational info, company background, promotional offers, sweepstakes entry). Mad4Marketing connects you with a trusted developer who can generate your unique QR code.

3. How does someone’s cell phone read the code?

First an individual needs to already be familiar with QR codes, so that they understand that the purpose is to scan them for more information. Then they need to download an app for their smartphone – there are many options from which to choose in any operating system’s application marketplace, regardless of whether someone has an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc. These apps are usually free or very low-cost and take less than a minute to download and install. No special hardware is necessary; all it takes is the common phone camera. However, some special devices with laser scanning ability can also read the 2-D design.

4. Are there any added benefits to embracing QR code advertising?

Once your audience begins getting used to seeing QR codes in your advertising and have the right software on their phone, you can really push forward with ways to utilize this technology. You can build an entire relationship dynamic between you and current or potential clients/customers that involves increasing interaction with QR codes. This element becomes a richer, more complex dimension in your interactions and expands the dialogue between you and everyone you want to reach out to on a continued basis.

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