Gift Advertising: Thinking Outside of the Box

With the holidays wrapping up, we began to think creatively about some of the missed marketing opportunities from the recent weeks. Creative businesses might be able to take advantage of corporate gifting in ways they’ve never thought of before. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Wrapping. Have you ever designed your own wrapping paper? With all of the glitter and glitz that’s appropriate for this festive season, it’s a great excuse to go all-out with customized wrapping paper. You can use your logo and key messages in artistic, expressive ways that really catch the eye — before your recipient even sees what’s inside. It’s a way to make an impact in an affordable way, even if your gift-giving budget can only afford the same old pens, magnets and mugs. Another thought is to send presents in reusable tote bags with your businesses name tastefully reflected, which not only means you’re helping the environment, but the person who receives your present can also think of you year-round as they keep using the container in which the present was sent. It’s two gifts in one!

2. Packing. Forget those boring and messy packing peanuts or layers of tissue paper. You can personalize the Styrofoam, bubbles, parchment or other filling that’s used to keep your gift in place. Although this one’s not as cost-efficient, since the impact will likely only last a moment before the stuffing is thrown out, it can prove to your recipient that you’re willing to go all-out when it comes to business and make them feel important. When someone’s opening a stack of gifts at the same time, these little extras will help your package stand out.

3. Shipping. Did you know that UPS expects the first week of 2012 to be record-breaking when it comes to consumers returning gifts that were received through the mail or ordered through e-commerce websites? With online sales soaring, we often think about posting advertisements on the Internet. We might even think about designing special holiday cards to go along with those items. But what about advertising on the boxes and return labels that typically come with gifts? Next year, if you’re thinking about mailing presents to your clients, colleagues and competition, considering ordering specialty boxes and labels to help promote your brand at the same time — it’s two birds in one! And as your items soar through the processes of shipping and handling, who knows how many eyes might focus on your logo en route.

Do you have any creative marketing inspirations to share? Let us know!

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