How Can I Make the Best Radio Commercial? Part 2

Last week, we started out with three top tips for making a radio commercial that will concisely and entertainingly translate your company’s message to the masses. Here are another three useful “sound bites” for your consideration: 4. Get creative. This often comes down to the creative content, i.e., the script and sound. You might want […]

How Can I Make the Best Radio Commercial? Part 1

Interested in buying some audio airtime to advertise your business? At Mad 4 Marketing, we’ve got extensive experience and can offer some insider know-how about creating and promoting radio commercials. 1. Find your perfect outlet. Media buying and placement is an art. You want to have your ad matched with the correct audience. That means […]

Are Facebook Ads Relevant? General Motors Says ‘No’

Yesterday, car manufacturer and longtime advertiser General Motors hit reverse and pulled out of its advertising contract with Facebook. The company announced that this decision was due to poor performance and low ROI. This decision also followed closely on the heels of an MSNBC report showing that Facebook users don’t really trust the paid promotion […]

Holiday Marketing: Bud Light V.P. Talks About Branding

Just in time for May 5 – widely known for its association with the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo – Budweiser is discussing its marketing strategy with relation to two popular, nontraditional drinks in its arsenal: Bud Light Lime and the newer Lime-A-Rita. One of these has been around since 2008 (among the first […]