How Can I Make the Best Radio Commercial? Part 1

Interested in buying some audio airtime to advertise your business? At Mad 4 Marketing, we’ve got extensive experience and can offer some insider know-how about creating and promoting radio commercials.

1. Find your perfect outlet. Media buying and placement is an art. You want to have your ad matched with the correct audience. That means the right station, the right time of day and the right amount of exposure. We can create a profile of your ideal listener and find the airwaves that best match your agenda. Remember, the more specifically you narrow your demographics, the greater return on investment you’re apt to receive. You don’t want to just buy the most space that will reach the most ears; this is often a waste of anyone’s time and money. In fact, the wrong kind of exposure, or too much of it, can actually weaken your brand! A marketing company with strong media buying prowess and preexisting connections in the regional radio world (ahem, ahem) can help you tailor your message and your expectations to get the greatest bang for the best budget.

2. Choose the right spokesperson. Hiring the right voice talent is half the battle when it comes to creating a successful radio commercial. Did you know that most people trust robotic female voices (think of your GPS) – but they trust live male voices (think of movie trailer voiceovers)? Casting your commercial involves finding someone with experience and standout aptitude. But what about pitch, personality and accents? There’s a wide range of research on what will connect best with certain demographics. And then, of course, you’ll also want the right production team to create high-value, high-quality content from the sound effects to the editing.

3. Audit your info. Obviously, you want to get your message out there. You want to provide useful information about your company. But you also don’t want your spot to be a 30- to 60-second lecture. Narrow down the information to what’s really pertinent – such as how to get in touch with you, such as through your website (where you can provide further info). You’ve got to get an ad with a strong hook that really stands out from the clutter during a commercial segment. Balance informative elements with those that are fittingly emotional and entertaining.

Check back next week for three more tips!

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