Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users

Everyone’s favorite social media can-do giant Facebook hit 1 billion users last week. Despite shaky ratings in recent months – and its notoriously troublesome debut on the stock market last May (as of August, it fell to half its public offering price) – the landmark prompted CEO Mark Zuckerberg to announce it as his own Facebook status on Oct. 4.

And by the way, that’s active users, not just those dummy accounts used to exploit friends and earn extra tools in Farmville. That’s one of every seven people on the planet.

What does this mean, exactly, for social marketers?

For some, it might indicate a crowded marketplace where everyone already is and has been. These people might choose to put their energies into developing social media where they can catch the wave of newness and hook an untapped crop of customers and investors – a new audience, a fresh set of eyes. Maybe Google+? (Just kidding.)

Others might see that number as 1 billion existing opportunities to advertise, network and connect. This might be the time to sit down and look at existing Facebook strategies to see if you’re up-to-date and doing all that you can to communicate with your friends and followers through this powerful (and still preeminent) forum.

But it doesn’t only matter where Facebook has been or even where it is now. Marketers may want to consider where Facebook is going from here. Zuckerberg has promised that Facebook is now focusing intently on developing for mobile – which may be that new forefront that advertisers seeking the ‘next best thing’ are actually seeking. Sometimes you have to look backward to look forward.

Are you already taking advantage of Facebook’s many tools and techniques to connect with those who might be interested in your brand? Have you looked into emerging strategies and updated your toolbox? Or are you still just sending out a message to existing friends now and then to remind them that you’re still there? Are you ready to give up on Facebook and move to somewhere shiny and new?

With Facebook hitting its 1 billionth user, it’s a great reminder for you to take stock of your social media game to find out where your time, attention and budget should be allocated. Let us know if you need any help checking to see if there’s any room for improvement in your long-term social media outreach plan – and please share with us about what you’re doing to stay relevant in these fast-changing times for online and mobile marketing!

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