Mad 4 Marketing’s New Year’s Resolutions

We asked members of the Mad 4 Marketing team to share some of their New Year’s resolutions for their private and professional lives. Here’s what they had to say:



“My personal New Year’s resolution is to finally legally change my name to my married name. My business resolution is to grow our interactive department.”


“I am ready to come out and admit it — I am a foodie. My personal New Year’s resolution is to Try Something I’m Afraid Of. I like to cook, but baking — not so much. I am fairly certain, though, between home and work I will find numerous volunteer taste-testers for whatever confectionary concoctions come out of my oven.

Professionally, for 2013, I want to take to the South Florida streets with my newfound favorite question-generating business mantra. When a business contact or prospect asks what Mad 4 Marketing does, I will tell them: ‘We make the world insist on knowing why you’re special.’”


“My New Year’s resolution for me and my work outlook is to take that art class or do something to practice my fine art skills again.”


“My personal resolution is to work toward more “balance” – really focusing on home, work and community … in that order! My professional resolution is to bring more structure into my work environment.”


Have you made your own goals known for both your home life and your business? Let us know if we can help with the latter when it comes to establishing and promoting your brand – as for your personal life, you’re on your own!

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