We’re Published! Check It Out

As we mentioned in October, we’re now published among a collection of inspiring words from 30 top advertising execs on how to get your brand out there — and keep it out there. Here’s a look at the title that might change the way you do business:

So how do you get your hands on it? Visit Amazon, where you can buy your copy for less than $10. It’s easy to read in one sitting, or just pick it up and turn to a new chapter by another diverse marketing professional whenever you need a jolt of inspiration.

Here’s the Amazon excerpt:

With a combined 850+ years of experience, these agency owners from all over North America have guided their clients through just about everything. They’ve walked their clients through start-ups and product launches, recessions, acquisitions, pricing wars, internal cultural shifts and the digital revolution. As one of the authors put it, “When you run an agency, you get to experience every high and low a business can encounter, just by walking them out with your clients.” And now you get to walk along side these agency owners and soak up the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Within the pages of this book, you’ll learn from their decades of experience as they answer the question: “What’s the best marketing advice you’ve ever given?”

Turn to page 77 for Mad 4 Marketing’s insight on community outreach in a title called “What Is Your Partnership Plan?” But don’t bypass the rest of the chapters, chock full of advice from top agencies.

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