Twitter (Finally) Launches Ads API

Staying one step ahead of its looming public offering, Twitter is now making it easier than ever to advertise with its social media platform. As of last week, it’s launching an application programming interface (API) for advertisements. That means that marketers who use their own advertising software (HootSuite, Adobe, etc.) can synch it up with […]

The Most Commercial Holiday

Valentine’s Day has a huge reputation for being a “commercial” holiday. Skeptics argue that it’s not based on history or religion, it was created to drive consumerism. This is supposed to be a criticism. Of course, being in marketing, that makes us wonder: Is it really such an insult to be considered a “commercial” holiday? […]

Better Than Special or Superior? Be First

Everyone wants to be the best product or service in their respective industries. It would be easy to advertise measurable superiority, wouldn’t it? But that’s not always feasible — after all, there’s only room at the top for one. In fact, maybe you’re too niche to ever hit the top of a broad industry. Some […]

Super Bowl XLVII Commercials — The Scorecard

Last week, we talked about how social media was playing a big role in this year’s Super Bowl. But who’s really the standout in social networking, now that it’s all said and done? Despite the analysis of popularity (Facebook fan page “likes”) and views (YouTube re-watches), Twitter was arguably a winner due to its sheer […]