VMA Social Media Stats Reveal More Than Miley Cyrus?

While the big topic of conversation following last Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards was obviously Miley Cyrus and her hip-gyrating, tongue-wagging antics, there is another important item that advertisers may want to be focusing on. AdWeek reports that, in a surprising turn, Tumblr and Twitter reported nearly comparable activity levels with posts about the big […]

Facebook Considers Placing Video Ads in News Feed

Remember last year when advertising started creeping into your news feed? It migrated from Facebook’s sidebar to a more intrusive position right in the middle of your mid-day scroll, between your co-worker’s new baby photos and your sister’s new high score on Candy Crush. But, apparently Facebook hasn’t seen too much backlash from this strategy. […]

Ad Agency Merger Exemplifies Changing Face of Marketing

If you’ve been watching “Mad Men,” you’ve witnessed the magic of Don Draper’s smooth-talking ad pitches that conjure nostalgia and strong visual imagery. Though the show takes place during a time of shifting values and social upheaval, seen both in the advertising world and outside of it, it’s still firmly embedded in an era where […]

Mad 4 Marketing Welcomes New Client: John Knox Village

We’re excited to introduce one of our newest clients, John Knox Village. It’s known as a Community Care Retirement Center. What makes John Knox Village unique is that it’s a nonprofit care center that doesn’t restrict a resident’s options based on their income — there are no shortcuts when it comes to focusing on the […]