Mad 4 Marketing Welcomes New Client: John Knox Village

We’re excited to introduce one of our newest clients, John Knox Village. It’s known as a Community Care Retirement Center. What makes John Knox Village unique is that it’s a nonprofit care center that doesn’t restrict a resident’s options based on their income — there are no shortcuts when it comes to focusing on the wellness of its elderly residents, and it shows.

Lifestyle options at John Knox Village range from full-care to assisted living and even independent living situations. Residents can live together in an apartment-style building or have a more homey experience in a private villa. Both opportunities avail plenty of custodial care and monitoring — to the extent preferred by the resident and his or her family members — as well as lots of opportunities to socially engage with neighbors. Everyone enjoys their own rooms and bathrooms with communal and recreational areas that they can visit on their own schedules based on their own interests, abilities and personal routines.

The elderly who are able to live in these new “Green House”-style premier retirement centers have wider autonomy and more individualized care than in most nursing homes. John Knox Village in Pompano Beach is joining an esteemed league of 140 of these people-first facilities in 24 states. Read about The Green House Project’s philosophy as featured on NPR.

It’s a progressive step forward in the realm of “nursing homes,” and Mad 4 Marketing can’t wait to join forces to bring this excellent concept to the South Florida community!

Stay tuned to see how we will work with them to create a dynamic campaign to help spread the word about this new Green House concept, which is sure to offer a healthy, happy and overall positive experience for the families that it serves. In the meantime, learn more about John Knox Village.

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