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Are you following @AdWeek on Twitter? Although you may already subscribe to the magazine, we also love the little 140-character tidbits that AdWeek slips us about marketing news throughout the day, when we’re too busy to pick up our magazine or search the Web.

Not only do you get the top marketing news live, as it happens, you can also participate in intelligent conversations with marketing professionals — or just get involved with some of the fun and silly games and competitions.

Here are a few recent posts, giving you a glimpse of the advertising world in everything from tobacco to TV:

While you’re at it, why not go on an unofficial fall cleaning spree? You can unfollow some of those names that are just taking up space in your feed, and find new ones to make up for the void. You can search for Twitter users who are targeted to your industry, whether they’re buyers, investors, competitors et al. By cleaning up what you’re seeing each day, or at least organizing the people you follow into Lists, you don’t have to waste time at work when you just want to keep an eye on what’s happening that is pertinent to your business. In just a few seconds, you’ll have an idea of everything you need to know. It’s kind of freaky, isn’t it?

What about your own Twitter page? Is it time for a new intro paragraph on your profile or a new photo? Keeping things fresh is a good way to engage new followers and remind people that you’re still there, ready to communicate and serve your clients and customers.

Reach out to a few important people with large Twitter presences who you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Schedule some upcoming tweets with updates about what’s going on in your business. Or, hey, retweet a joke. Just get on there and start tweeting.

Last but certainly not least, are your following us yet? We’d love to follow you, too — just reach out and say hello at @Mad4MarketingFL.

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