Merry Christmas from Mad 4 Marketing!

We hope you have the happiest of holidays, with restful interludes between joyous meals, present-giving and visits with your loved ones. Mad 4 Marketing celebrated in style on Dec. 18, in keeping with annual tradition, and we only wish we could have shared the party with more of our valued clients, customers, family and friends. […]

A New Way to View Videos on Facebook

In what’s probably exciting news for marketers (and so-so news to the commonplace user), Facebook has this month been playing with new ways to share videos in a person’s News Feed — and that includes video advertisements. Announced mid-December, Facebook’s new video viewing strategy involves allowing viewers to preview content without needing to click on […]

Marketing technology — it’s better with beta

Last week we talked about the swift rise of the popular mobile app Snapchat, and the fact that its poised to either significantly increase its revenue or lose out big-time, depending on how it treats its existing users and maintains their experience as it branches into advertising sales. If you’re thinking that your company’s marketing […]

Snapchat may stand for the wisdom of youth

How does a mobile company that doesn’t sell ads or generate revenue thrive to the point that it can turn down a $3 billion buyout? Well that’s what Snapchat did late this year when Facebook tried to purchase the fledgling company for that startling amount. Clearly, they must have some intel that informs them they’ll […]