Here Come the Super Bowl Commercials

It’s that time of year again: Time to get excited about watching the Super Bowl. Or, if you’re like Mad 4 Marketing, then it’s time to get excited about the Super Bowl commercials. There’s just one thing that’s changed the way we look forward to the big event. And that’s the fact that, in a […]

Going Viral Gets Harder, Thanks to Reddit

Last week, Shareaholic released a report on popular online forum Reddit, which has long been considered a rite of passage for any viral marketing campaign. That is, if you wanted your ad, story or video to hit it big, it basically needed to get picked up and shared by the 731 billion unique visitors that […]

E-Blasts Are Still Alive and Well

If you thought that email marketing was falling on deaf ears—or rather, falling straight into a consumer’s spam folder, think again. In a recent survey taken by McKinsey & Co. it was revealed that email is still far more effective in acquiring new consumers than Facebook and Twitter combined – nearly as much as 40 […]

How Facebook Newsfeed Changes Affect Marketers

Once upon a time, “news” on Facebook typically consisted of someone announcing an engagement or the birth of a new baby. In a move that will see businesses changing the way they market their branded pages on Facebook, the social networking website recently announced a big change to its newsfeed algorithm. This change will give […]