When Ads Become Feature Films

What would a feature film about your company look like?

Back in April 2016 we blogged about a new film starring John Malkovich that none of us will be alive to see. That’s because it’s being released in 100 years as part of a marketing gimmick for Louis XIII Cognac’s 100-year aging process. It’s called, of course, “100 Years.”

It seems that the trend of making full-length films to advertise a company or product is only picking up in 2017, with two new ones debuting and garnering attention in recent months—both, remarkably, about the ocean.

“Fishpeople” is a film about a series of people whose lives are connected to the ocean, from swimmers to spearfishers and surfers. It’s produced by Patagonia (which, of course, sells athletic gear and outdoor clothing to the sort of people who might swim, surf, or spearfish) and being screened (for free) at Patagonia stores nationwide. It’s certainly a clever partnership, if nothing else—a step above product placement, for sure (although, we haven’t seen it yet; there may be some of that, too).

“Woza” is also a surfing story that was filmed in Cape Town and promotes a new African brand called Mami Wata, which means Mother Ocean. The movie tells the story of a South African’s relationship to the waves, leaning on the African mythology of a water goddess, but relating it to a universal story of man’s attraction to the sea. It relies heavily on storytelling and lush visuals to communicate the essence of the brand and its mission.

Apparently, despite the fact that we keep talking about this generation’s short attention spans, some marketers want you to sit back and grab the popcorn!

Which means we have to ask: What would the feature film about your company look like? Who would it star? Where would you have your viewing party?

(At the very least, it’s a fun brainstorming activity for the team!)

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