Don’t Sink Your Campaign with Crappy Videos

Make quality video production a priority in your next campaign.
Is low-quality video production harming your ROI?
You might not think there’s a huge margin of profit-loss when it comes to bridging the gap between a “good” or “great” video ad, but the truth is that simply having video elements present in your next ad campaign isn’t enough. Now that everyone is “pivoting to video,” there’s a surplus of content out there—and it’s imperative to set yourself apart with the quality of the videos you’re producing.
A classic flaw for businesses that are just wading into video for the first time is to look at their budget and decide to limit how much they need to invest in the video elements of their upcoming campaigns.
Surely, they imagine, it’s possible to get a recent college grad to create something eye-catching for a decent price—and how much will their audience really be paying attention to the production value anyway, if the messaging and visuals are otherwise up to par?
The truth is that today’s viewers consume so much video content—both actively and passively—that they’ve cultivated pretty high standards, even without meaning to become video quality snobs. They can quickly determine if a video is worth their time or not in under 2 seconds (whereas 3 is the cutoff that you really need to bypass to get those views to count). Sometimes they can tell by the preview tile alone (which means that they might perceive low-quality production while simply scrolling by, and they won’t even have to click the play button at all).
A few of the rewards you stand to gain by investing fully in your video content include:

  • Generating new leads
  • Attracting your target audience
  • Building customer relationships/loyalty
  • Converting views to sales/subscriptions

Meanwhile, failing to produce high-quality content can lead to:

  • Failure to follow through (low CTR)
  • Low engagement/view rates
  • Poor perception of your overall brand/campaign
  • Loss of traffic/revenue (poor ROI)

Don’t make the mistake of sinking your next digital marketing campaign by skimping on the production value that your audience deserves. Ask Mad 4 Marketing about affordable, high-quality video production that will attract eyes to your next social media campaign.

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