Can You Change Your Customer’s Mind?

Sometimes marketers get stuck in the same tracks. You might keep doing the same thing because it works for you.

But what happens when it no longer works for your customers?

When this happens, many marketers simply give up on the customers that fall outside of their anticipated patterns of behavior. Truthfully, you can lose customers forever if you stop paying attention to them for even a short amount of time.

If you refuse to give up on customers, however, you might discover new opportunities to bring them back to you through creative marketing approaches. You can also attract all new ones by broadening the scope of your expectations just a little bit.

A new report from McKinsey & Co. shows that today’s informed customers are increasingly breaking free from the standard sales funnel. That means It requires savvy marketers to think about those funnels in new ways.

For example, in the past, consumers often began their shopping journey with a number of brands in mind. Those might be brands they already knew about through general brand awareness, but they would also include some brand names they encountered for the first time as they began searching for their intended item. 

However, today, customers spend a lot more time looking into their top choices–reading reviews, seeking outside opinions, etc. They are likely to hear about new contenders for their attention later in the process than usual because of their own proactivity. 

And guess what? If you’re one of the marketers that breaks through during the critical phase when customers are still researching their options, you might knock the competition to the side and take their place at the top of the list.

If you’ve already created a customer journey–to map a customer’s experience with your brand–it might be time to review it and see if there are any steps you can add to try and recapture customers at big dropoff points. 

If you haven’t created a customer journey yet, and learned where those big dropoff points are, now is the time to do it. Just feel free to break from the conventional models and find a way that serves you–and today’s modern audiences–best.

Either way, we’re here to help you meet your customers anywhere on their journey that they might be ready to discover your brand. Never be afraid to shake things up and think outside the box–especially when it’s done to help you keep your valuable customers.

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