Marketing With Authority

There are a few ways for marketing to be effective. For example, you can have compelling marketing that resonates through its emotional authenticity. You can have memorable marketing that is funny, or splashy, or groundbreaking. You can also get a lot of results by creating marketing that conveys a great deal of authority. 

But, obviously, any company with a paid ad is going to declare its own greatness. So audiences are not necessarily going to buy into this message just because the ad says it’s true. 

Authority is conveyed in the following ways:

Message. As ever, we believe that your message is the most important part of your marketing. A strong, informed, intelligent (and yes, definitely clever and creative) message will convey subject matter expertise.

Tone. You can be entertaining and funny; you can be serious and dull. Or you can be serious and impactful. Don’t let the dichotomy myth steer you away from choosing an authoritative tone. Sometimes, people want to follow a leader who knows what they are talking about and has experience in their industry, rather than a brand who knows how to make a clever joke. But guess what? You can still be entertaining (and even funny, too). It’s not either/or; it can be first/second. Just make a choice about coming off as an authority before you’re a friend.

Facts. There’s a time and place for bowling your audience over with a lot of data. But if you have the figures behind you, you can earn a lot of respect by dropping numbers to back up your claims of success and achievements. Saying that you’re awesome is one thing; saying that 3.5 million people already agree that you’re awesome and 5 million will join you by the end of the year is going to definitely be even more impressive. Stating facts the right way (and be sure you can back them up) is one way to truly achieve authority. Just follow the “other” golden rule: Don’t be boring about it.

Placement. It’s pricey, but a full-page ad in the Times or the Post is going to make you look a lot more successful and important than a tiny square in the Voice. Earn the ROI.

Affiliations. We all know the power and importance of networking. On an individual level, your big break or next big sale can happen because you know the right people. But on a business level, affiliating with the right partners can also hold a lot of weight. Your company is recognized because of the brands it works with on projects or sits with at awards dinners. So if your marketing is co-sponsored by the right people or signals peers in the right places, you can elevate your standing without too much extra work.

If your audience truly believes that you are a leader in your field, that you are both knowledgeable and trustworthy, then they will be willing to use your products and services–or at least trust your messaging in that particular ad. You can earn a lot of brand buy-in with the right reputation. It can be established before anyone ever interacts directly with your products and services, and that is more valuable than almost any ad placement on its own.

Earn your audience’s respect by conveying authority. Learn how today; give us a call.

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