Brand New Year, Brand New You

Will you be ready to rebrand in 2021?

If the idea of “rebranding” sounds overwhelming, consider the work you’ve already done this year while you were trying so hard to accommodate the changing needs of your investors, vendors, partners, clients, or consumers.

Effectively, you might have already been gradually rebranding yourself without even knowing it!

Many companies paused the marketing plans they set at the start of 2020. You might have reevaluated your strategy as your customers’ priorities shifted throughout the year. Your communications (copy, tone, voice) and creative (images, formatting, design) might have changed.

Instead of a big step that will involve a lot of work, consider rebranding a way to consolidate the work you’ve already done and to maximize its impact

That’s a lot less scary, right? In fact, it probably sounds like a really smart idea.

Look back at everything that’s taken place in the past year as you reacted to your changing landscape. Has it benefited your organization? Should you keep some of the changes permanently? Should you officially promote any ideas as an essential part of your business values, vision, or mission? Next, you can take decisive steps forward based on this thoughtful reflection of your choices, behaviors, and results throughout 2020.

Guess what? Those steps are basically the way we’d kick off “rebranding.”

But, we get it. Your brand is a big part of your company, and those decisions take time.

However, you might also want to think about rebranding on a smaller scale. Sometimes, you just need to “rebrand” a certain department or even just a few key members of your team. 

For example, if you have a very public-facing branch of your company—like a philanthropic arm or a sales department—you might want to consider a new angle for how that team is promoted to the public in 2021. Many companies already started doing this over the past several months, making sure that their most public-facing teams were espousing the company’s safety and/or diversity initiatives.

But, in the age of “personal brands,” sometimes it’s even a matter of ensuring that your most prominent representatives are well-positioned on social media, on your website, and in other public forums. A quick audit and rebranding for individuals might also be important for 2021.

So there are many reasons that you might want to consider rebranding for your company, a certain department, or even individuals within your organization. This might also be an appealing way to truly shake off the remnants of 2020.

If you’re seeking ways to show that your company is moving forward and ready for bigger, better things in the year ahead, feel free to reach out. We’re excited for rebranding discovery work that will unveil your utmost potential in 2021.

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