6 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023 – Part 1

Last year, Mad 4 Marketing celebrated 30 years in business. One thing that three decades gives you is perspective—and the new year is a perfect time to reflect on some of the things we’ve observed. For example, we can remember a pre-digital age, when the industry evolved a lot more slowly than it does now. With technology, we see dozens of key updates and fast-paced innovations every few months, and it’s much trickier to catch up—and keep up!

From minor algorithm tweaks to major leaps in machine learning, AI, and the Internet of Things, there are plenty of changes taking place that can impact your immediate and long-term success. 

We track those trends so you don’t have to stress about it. Notably, we help our clients determine which upgrades are relevant and necessary for them, and we make sure they don’t waste time or money on things that won’t impact their strategy at all. Sometimes, we recommend A/B testing and similar approaches to figure out the right course of action, because data is always better than guesswork—always.

But we start by staying tapped into the big picture overview of what’s taking place in our industry and then pursue hints of what’s to come—to stay ahead of the curve, not just follow the pack. 

Here, in two parts, we round up the Top 6 Marketing Trends for 2023:

1) AI-Generated Content- There have been big debates in 2022 about whether artificial intelligence can become sentient anytime soon. Personally, we think it’s still a ways off. But in the meantime, there are a lot of fantastic applications for AI that so closely mimic our ways of speaking and writing that it raises the conversation in the first place. Now, we’re seeing software like Jasper, ChatGPT, and Copy.ai generating blogs and even speeches that can go a long way toward lightening the lift on your team. Do we think it can replace your talented, brand-aware copywriters? Again—not just yet. But it can give you a stepping stone off which to get started, begin developing ideas, refine your own verbiage, and add your “voice.” We expect this conversation to continue as the technology takes more leaps and bounds in 2023. Keep an eye—and ear—out.

2) Environmentally Conscientious Advertising– Last year, we went to a conference, and we were shocked to see how many companies were still passing out physical business cards and fliers. With many consumers, this is irksome because it can lead to wasted paper (as most people throw away fliers after they’ve looked at them or business cards after they’ve stored relevant information in their phones). With the rise in the popularity of QR codes, we fully expect more companies to give out their information digitally in the future. More importantly, promoting the ways in which you make eco-friendly, sustainable choices in ways big and small demonstrates to your audiences that you acknowledge and care about their values.

3) Influencer Relationships– A long time ago, we were certain that “influencer marketing” would end quickly. Instead, it evolved. Some of those evolutions we’ve witnessed have included transparency about sponsored posts and working with smaller, niche, local influencers instead of major celebrities with millions of followers but no specific interest in your sector or brand. In 2023, the game is likely to change again; we’re focusing on long-term relationships with influencers. Instead of shelling out cash for one sponsored post, consider the investment of multiple posts over time. Consider thinking of multiple ways you can work with your influencer, like having them appear at an event or “write” an email to your mailing list. When that person’s followers see them engaging with your brand over time, in meaningful ways, it will solidify the significance of their recommendations to others to use your products or services, as well.

Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn more about what’s to come in Marketing Trends 2023!

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