Insights from ChatGPT, Bard, and Similar Copywriting AIs

We’ve discussed the fact that we don’t expect AI to replace professional marketing services anytime soon. This seems to be the broad consensus among marketers in every industry.

So why do these services continue to emerge, with options ranging from ChatGPT (widely considered the frontrunner) and Jasper, in addition to Intercom, OpenAI, and the new Google Bard? And why are they being forced onto us at every turn?

One reason, of course, is novelty. People love discussing new technology and discussing the possibilities that it might unveil for society. 

The other reason is, perhaps, a little more interesting… It’s because AI collects data, and the more people are encouraged to use them, the more valuable they become as data aggregators.

For example, on a small scale, let’s say that you use a chatbot for your Help / Customer Service function on your website. This chatbot will not only help your users quickly find answers without the need to engage a real person on the other end, it also tells the business what people most often want to know. Perhaps more importantly, it shares the terms that they’re using to get those answers.

This is valuable on two fronts:

  • First, it can inform the business about what kinds of stumbling blocks their website is presenting. If people keep asking about prices, this is a good sign that the business should make it easier to learn about prices on their website, like adding a tab or prominent link to the header or footer that’s specific to pricing. Making your experience more customer-friendly can help attract and retain leads while driving revenue. 
  • Second, it tells you what phrases you might want to use to help people find your company. Chat AIs are excellent for doing preliminary keyword research… as long as you apply human logic and discernment about what themes and phrases might still be missing for your audience, as well as doing some competitive research and analysis to ensure you’re not just applying the same handful of phrases as your competitors (who perhaps asked the AI for the same suggestions), creating a search result page (SRP) ranking stalemate.

These insights can be looked at from a much bigger-picture view, as well. As AI companies are used more regularly, they’re collecting and aggregating data from millions of prompts. The information can be broken down according to the demographics of the audience, sorting writing prompts according to region, age, industry, and more. That can give you greater insights about your own audiences. “What are 30- to 50-year-old business owners based in the Southwest looking to know about building a website in 2023?” You can find a list of the most-used prompts within the AI. Create content that shares this information in a way that makes sense to your users.

Furthermore, you can learn what people are looking for or struggling to understand, as it relates to your business, allowing you to tailor your marketing services to meet the needs of real users. If people are commonly using AI to help them name their new products, or generating a list of potential taglines for their brand, then you can promote your company’s expertise around naming products or creating taglines. You now know that it’s a service people really want and don’t have the bandwidth to complete on their own – while sharing the fact that human creativity and real experience can help generate better lists. Plus, you can guide the client toward choosing one of the most viable options on that list based on getting to know their company on a personal level and doing deeper background research. 

The longer our society evolves with AI, and as using these services online becomes more commonplace, the marketers who think ahead about how it can benefit them – rather than compete with them – are sure to get ahead.

If you’re looking to learn more about how chat AIs can actually benefit your business, where they commonly encounter shortfalls, and how to compensate for the space between the two, we’re happy to discuss this new tech landscape with you anytime.

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