Do People Still Read Blogs???

The easy answer is: You’re here!

The longer answer is: …sort of—one HubSpot study found that 60% of people read blogs at least once per week—but the way that people are reading blogs has changed a lot since the term “blog” was coined in 1999 (derived from “web log” or “weblog” from 1997). 

For example, you might’ve landed here from a Google search. The internet doesn’t currently discern between a blog and other forms of text, so if blogs happen to contain the information you’re seeking, then you might be directed to a blog to learn more about your topic. In this sense, blogs are useful because they contain long-form text, which is getting rare on the internet these days (especially as video and images get more popular). If you want a deep dive into an interesting topic, you might land on a news article or a research paper—but you might also want the conversational and middle-length convenience of a blog. So here we are!

Another way you might’ve landed on our blog in particular is from our newsletter. Not everyone has a newsletter, but if they do, they should definitely add links to their newest blog content so that readers are informed about what’s being shared on a company’s website. This goes directly into the inboxes of people who already have an interest in keeping up with the company, so it makes sense that they’d be interested in their blog posts, too!

One other way that’s very similar would be coming in through our social media channels, where we tend to share links to our favorite blog posts from time to time. We say that this is similar because it basically means you were already following something else of ours—whether it was our newsletter or social channels—and reading our blog is a byproduct, rather than your first choice. Back in the old days, you might’ve chosen to subscribe directly to our blog; you’d get notifications when blogs were posted and might click through directly to check out the newest updates. But that’s not really how blogs function anymore. Still, it’s encouraging that there are plenty of ways to find and follow the blogs you’re most interested in.

Of course, you might’ve been browsing our website and seen that we had a blog. Maybe you wanted to know more about us, our values, and what we’re interested in—so you came here to scroll and check us out. In doing so, maybe you found a few topics and titles that caught your eye, so you clicked. And here we are!

Blogs are still an important marketing tool because they pass along key information about companies (like organizational updates, and special events) and share knowledge (raising brand awareness and demonstrating thought leadership). They’re a way for audiences to stay connected—and it also helps new audiences discover the company organically, through search, or grow more acquainted with a company they’ve just started learning about (i.e. if they just signed up for their newsletter but haven’t had the chance to go deeper, yet). 

If all of this background has got you thinking about how you could be using a blog more advantageously, we’d love to help get you started! Give us a ring anytime—and, thanks for reading!

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