Exploring the Marketing Multiverse

The multiverse is a recurring theme in pop culture; there seems to be no shortage of public fascination with the theory that—given that space is potentially infinite—all possible universes may potentially exist, in all of their variations, at the same time (to put it simply).

What if the same thing could be said for marketing? 

To some extent, it already informs the way that marketers think. Take, for example, the common practice of A/B Testing. We wonder what happens if two different ads go into the world: Which would do better? But then we can’t help but wonder about all of the hypothetical variations that don’t launch, and all of the possible ways they could change the success of a campaign or a business.

In marketing, we like to think that enough data can steer us toward the best possible choices. And, to a large extent, this is true. But marketing is part science and part art—and when creativity enters the question, there are infinite options, and it’s technically impossible to know what directions an unknown creative approach could take a speculative campaign in.

But it’s fun to think about.

In the philosophy of the marketing multiverse, it means that every time we make a decision, there’s still a universe in which every other possible decision was made and played out in an entirely different way. To consider that—just to allow it to enter your mind—can be useful for marketers. It inspires you to keep your work fresh, to never get stuck in ruts, and to think about all possibilities. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean taking major risks or going wild—at Mad 4 Marketing in particular, we believe in following reason, evidence, and data—but it does mean asking yourself if you’re making the right choices for the right reason and if you’re always challenging yourself to do your best work. 

Consider: Is another version of you, in another universe, pushing themself in a way that you could and should be pushing yourself right now—a way you are absolutely capable of—and getting even better results? And if so, what in this universe is stopping you?

These thoughts can help marketers identify and overcome obstacles while giving you the boost to be your own best self—in any universe.

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