Mobile Marketing is Here to Stay

Smart, sleek, compact, and inventive. No, we’re not describing the brand new Porsche Roadster. These words illustrate a new advertising medium: hospital mobile marketing.  Cell phones are an extension of human existence, like the high rise buildings, Tivo, and the computer.  They are personal assistants that fit in the palm of your hand with access […]

Social Media: Earning an Online Audience

Are you building an online social media platform from the ground up? You’ll want to gather an audience who is willing to follow your words, sign up for notifications, and participate in your vision. But in order to do that, the very first thing you have to do is earn your audience’s trust. Don’t settle […]

Improve Google Page Rank: Collect Links

When websites—especially popular, well-known websites—link to your page, your website has not only been given free promotion, it will also command higher status in organic web searches, thanks to the Google Page Rank formula. The number of ‘inbound links’ a website collects, the more relevant it’s considered. That’s why collecting links is currently a hot […]

How Popular is Online Video?

So here is the hot topic on the lips of everyone: how big is online video? Is it so trendy it is sitting at the cool kids table at lunch and having cute girls bring it pudding? Or is it the neglected nerd at the back of the cafeteria eating a bagged lunch all alone? […]

Promote Your Page with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is not a science; it is more of an art. While rigid mathematic equations and research methods are used to derive the formulas that rank web pages, the best path to getting your website ranked amongst the top few is still very subjective and controversial. One ongoing debate considers how selective a […]

Engage Your Marketing Database with a Digital Monthly Newsletter

A digital monthly newsletter is a superb way to connect with clients, colleagues and customers. Newsletters serve three main purposes: 1)    They’re a great way to stay in contact with your clients and subscribers. Get the most of your mailing lists by creating a regularly syndicated newsletter rich with engaging content. Experts suggest releasing your […]

Sprinting to Success: Mad 4 got their running shoes on for a Junior League Event

When Mad 4 Marketing, a local woman-owned, full-service advertising agency, was approached to participate in the 9th Annual 5mile/5K Riverwalk Run along the tree lined boulevards of the historic Rio Vista neighborhood, they weren’t about to sit on the sidelines. Mad 4 Marketing was proud to be part of an opportunity to raise thousands of […]

Blog Your Way to Web Success

It’s pretty clear that we feel confident of the many benefits of blogging here at Mad4Marketing, which is why you’re reading our blog about marketing right now! Creating a blog on your website is a valuable way to gain readership, increase traffic and improve your search ranking. At Mad4Marketing we create SEO-strong blogs for our […]

Search Engine Optimization 101

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of obtaining natural search engine rankings to drive visitors to your website. There are several important factors that search engines such as Google and Yahoo take into consideration when deciding which websites to display at the top of search engine queries: • Inbound Links are the single most important […]

Interactive Marketing Trend: Web Videos on the Rise

Web videos are spreading across the internet like wildfire…YouTube, webinars, webisodes, NBC even spent a bundle to broadcast the Olympics on the internet. It’s no wonder why web videos are growing so quickly – they provide entertainment (or teach you something), eliminate the need to read on the internet, and are available at the click […]