How to Make an Eye-Catching Instagram Grid

If your company has its own Instagram, the first thing to ask is…why? Did you feel like it was just something you had to do? Do you have a vision for how your brand will translate to such a visual medium? And a regular posting schedule?  A lot of companies don’t think it all through, […]

5 New Year’s Marketing Practices for Small Businesses

Small business owners might feel like they must be especially savvy and stay vigilant to remain competitive with large companies that have seemingly endless budgets and large teams for their marketing efforts. However, a few tips can help small businesses stand out by harnessing the very brand personalities and nimbleness that make them unique. Here […]

Understanding the Intent Behind Your Users’ SEO Keywords

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Google itself has long advocated that marketers should look beyond keyword lists if they want to understand their customers better and best tailor their content to those users.  It’s perfectly easy to come up with a list of competitive keywords that your content should include in order to […]

What Is ESG Marketing—and Who Needs It?

Today, a company is not just defined by what it does. People want to know what companies stand for. Often, this is relayed through a company’s mission, vision, and values. In certain sectors, like finance and investing, the company’s values can’t just be summarized in a blurb on their website. The companies need to put […]

Marketing Your Way Around “Cancel Culture”

One of the hottest buzzwords of the decade is “cancel culture.” But if you think this only pertains to B-list celebs losing their followers on Twitter, think again. Brands also need to be aware of the perils of cancel culture—and consider how to market their way around it. “Cancel culture” happens when something becomes totally […]

Looking to Take Your Services From Local to Global?

When small businesses start looking to grow, they often start by thinking about increasing their number of sales per customer or customers per day. Just boosting transactions without modifying their model too much seems like a safe way to pull in some extra profit.  It might be. But if that small business model relies primarily […]

Marketing Errors We Can’t Stop Seeing in 2022!

There are a few big mistakes you’re making. Yes, you. We have to assume it’s true, because there are a few big marketing errors that keep turning up everywhere. So the odds just happen to be very good that you’re making at least one or two of them.  These errors? Many have been around for […]

10 Simple Tips to Make Your Text More Readable

Sure, it could help to have a user experience (UX) professional look over all of your assets before they go out. UX designers are especially useful when designing a new website or app. However, some assets can be improved on behalf of the end user by any layman who has some extra time on their […]

5 Tips for Choosing Stock Images

In an ideal world, every company would have its own full-time graphic designer to create unique art for all of your promotional needs. But that’s not realistic. A lot of the time, you can meet your needs with stock images.  Many libraries online collect images that you can use freely, but in some instances you […]