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Marketing Calculator

Please fill out the below form to determine an estimate of your:

  • Cost Per Customer/Transaction
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Leads Needed to Achieve Sales Goals
  • Yearly Marketing Investment
  • Estimated Revenue


Lifetime Value of a Customer

How much is a customer worth to you over their lifetime or sales cycle?

Desired Investment Against Return

What percent of your Customer's Lifetime Value are you willing to invest to obtain that customer?

Close Ratio

What percentage of leads does your company close/turn into sales?

Desired New Customer/Transactions Per Year

What is your goal for number of new customers/transactions per year?
This is not a dollar amount.


How much should I invest per customer or sale?

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What should my maximum cost per lead be?

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How many leads do I need to achieve my yearly sales goal?


What is my yearly marketing investment?

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What is my estimated revenue based on this marketing investment?

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What is my estimated return on investment (ROI) based on this marketing investment?

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