Education marketing is a specialty at Mad 4 Marketing. We have a credited history of working with education brands — especially colleges and universities — and helping to position them as leaders in the higher education market. Part of our strategy is to understand the unique constraints that an education corporation marketing team is under, whether it’s publicly or privately funded. But another aspect to our approach is to not treat education marketing like it’s too foreign from the way we would address any other business’s needs. By understanding your unique academic engagement circumstances and bringing to the table our knowledge of similar business models in different industries, you get the best of both worlds from our diligent team.

The Education Marketing Audience

One challenge in education marketing is that it must speak to widely differing demographics. For example, academic establishments tend to advertise locally, but often must include a consideration for a global audience. When it comes to higher education marketing, you may be speaking to youths who are making one of the first big decisions in their lives by choosing a school for their postsecondary learning. However, you’re also marketing to parents, investors, adult learners and, of course, the community. Depending on your specific needs and your key demographics, Mad 4 Marketing will help you develop an education marketing plan that touches on all of your most valuable markets with a heavily researched combination of traditional (print collateral, TV) and interactive (social media, social networking) campaigning.