Media (research, planning and buying)

Knowing what type of media platform to use, or who to advertise with, is an integral part of your marketing plan. Consumers are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages daily, so making sure you hit the mark every time with well developed, well researched and well placed ads can help ensure your voice is heard above the rest. This will not only save your business valuable time and money, but will grow your bottom line as well.

When developing a creative marketing plan, Mad 4 Marketing understands that market research and fact-finding are paramount. Evaluating your target audience while keeping your business objectives in mind ensures that you and your marketing program will work together seamlessly.

We have access to some of the industry’s most well respected advertising databases, and can assist your business in implementing competitive analysis and market research on target markets, media availability, consumer profiles and demographics using surveys, focus groups, customer polls and more.

Once your marketing plan has been approved, our dedicated team of media buyers can procure for you the perfect placement and price for your advertisement. Media buying must take into account your brand identity; each media plan that Mad 4 Marketing works on is tweaked slightly once we’ve taken into account your budget, agenda and unique business outlook. We have contacts across all major media outlets, and can effectively negotiate a competitive media buying block that will best fit your location, audience and other needs specific to your brand.