Why You Should Consider External Marketing

You may think that an advertising agency like ours is only useful for those clients that don’t already have their own internal marketing division. But that’s not entirely true. Here are just a few reasons why Mad 4 Marketing is often used by companies with their own marketing departments:  1. Outside perspective: It’s easy to […]

“Mad Men” Season 5 Finale

On this season of “Mad Men,” Don Draper and the rest of our favorite television ad execs have made some interesting choices in order to boost their business. We particularly found some of the themes about women in the workplace, industry competitiveness and internal sacrifice thrilling to watch – and, of course, we thanked the […]

‘Mad Men’ Back on TV

Between its fourth and fifth seasons, “Mad Men” took an unprecedented 17-month hiatus. The finale of Season 4 ran in October 2010, and the Season 5 debut just finally aired last night at 9 p.m. on AMC. For most shows, disappearing for that long would be a death knell. But missing this smash hit only […]

Tips for Successful Television Advertising

Television advertising is far from dead. Although viral marketing via website banners and streaming video is the new bandwagon in media placement, a well-executed TV commercial is still a guaranteed way to increase your company’s sales while expanding brand awareness. But only if you do it right. Here are five tips for successful television advertising: […]

Improving Call to Action on Your Website

Whether it’s the primary purpose or just an opportunistic afterthought, virtually every website you open is selling something to somebody (or trying to). How successful the solicitation pretty much comes down to one factor: the website’s call to action. If you can enhance your website’s call to action to its maximum efficiency, you’re going to […]

Labor and Love

It’s that time of year again, when chocolate and wine sales hit the roof and all spare shelves and counter tops of the Mad 4 Marketing agency are adorned with various love-related decorations and trinkets. Since there is no getting away from love hearts in shop windows and the multiple commercials for red roses that […]