April Fools’ Day Pranks in Marketing

Yesterday it was hard to believe anything you saw or heard. Clearly, even advertisements had to be taken with a grain of salt. But even though we were on high alert, we had to admit that we came across some genuinely amusing prank advertisements. Here are a few of the best, as rounded up by […]

Follow @AdWeek on Twitter

Are you following @AdWeek on Twitter? Although you may already subscribe to the magazine, we also love the little 140-character tidbits that AdWeek slips us about marketing news throughout the day, when we’re too busy to pick up our magazine or search the Web. Not only do you get the top marketing news live, as […]

The Cost of Free Media

One of the biggest media stories in recent weeks is that the New York Times website decided to charge for access to its content on the Web, whether by computer, tablet or mobile device. Previously, reading NYT content was free and unlimited. There are some stipulations, however. First of all, the first 20 articles per […]