5 New Year’s Marketing Practices for Small Businesses

Small business owners might feel like they must be especially savvy and stay vigilant to remain competitive with large companies that have seemingly endless budgets and large teams for their marketing efforts. However, a few tips can help small businesses stand out by harnessing the very brand personalities and nimbleness that make them unique. Here […]

Data-Driven Marketing in 2015 – Part 2

Last month, we introduced a discussion about data-driven marketing. Now we wanted to share some interesting statistics about how both advertisers and users are valuing and interacting with it in 2015. As you might guess, customers are well aware of ads that are being targeted to them based on their activity and preferences. Not only […]

Data-Driven Marketing in 2015 – Part 1

It’s a familiar scenario these days: You Google a new brand of cat food. Suddenly, all of your Facebook ads and email banners are showing you pictures of, and coupons for, the same brand of cat food. Once considered a niche type of marketing, or an added bonus, data-driven marketing is very much becoming a […]

What the Most Recent Data Tells Us About B2B Marketing in 2015

Implisit, a company that collects, analyzes and publishes data from its vast customer interaction pipeline, released new statistics about B2B marketing at the end of 2014. This information can help us shape the picture of what this will look like going forward. Here are key facts and figures you should take into account as you […]